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Experienced Vintage Car Mechanics in Jacksonville, FL

Fastlane Automotive, Tires, & Performance has some of the best vintage car mechanics in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Our shop can work on any vintage car, no matter the make, model, or year. We know that your classic car is especially valuable to you. So, we handle all vintage vehicles with the highest level of care. We can do anything you need on your vintage vehicle, whether that is carburetor tuning or a complete LS engine swap. Bring your classic car to us for all your repairs and maintenance.

Classic vintage muscle car

Regular Maintenance for Classic Cars

The older a vehicle is, the more crucial it is to get regular maintenance. Vehicles with higher mileage need more frequent oil changes, brake replacements, fluid checks, and all other routine maintenance. Your vintage car is usually a long-term investment, and replacing major parts can be much more costly. Things like worn-out brakes on older cars pose a safety risk much quicker than modern vehicles. So when you need to get regular maintenance, bring your car to the experienced mechanics at our shop. They’ll treat your classic car like it’s their very own.

We’ve Mastered the Art of Carburetor Tuning

It’s not very common to see a carburetor on modern vehicles. However, classic cars still use a carburetor to give your engine the perfect mixture of fuel and air. If there’s too much air, your carburetor runs lean. This means that your engine won’t have the fuel it needs to run its best. On the other hand, a rich carburetor lets too much gasoline into the air-fuel mixture. This results in a vehicle that will be more sluggish and less fuel-efficient. As time goes on, your carburetor will naturally become mistuned, which can cause long-term damage to your engine. Many modern shops have lost the art of carburetor tuning. Our shop has several masters at the craft of keeping your carburetor working at peak efficiency.

Fuel Injection Add-Ons for Vintage Cars

Many owners of vintage cars want to improve their vehicle’s performance by replacing their carburetor with a fuel injection add-on. Fuel injectors are more precise and give your car an ideal mixture of gas and air. At its best, a fuel injector can effectively add up to 10 horsepower to your vintage vehicle. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about regularly tuning your carburetor. Our mechanics have placed fuel injectors on every type of classic car imaginable.

LS Engine Swaps Give Classic Cars Modern Performance

If you want a vintage car that handles like a modern car, an LS engine swap is the way to go. These compact V8 engines fit nicely into old-school cars but have the power you want. Once placed, they perform better and need a less delicate maintenance routine. However, replacing your vintage engine with a modern one is no simple task. Car owners always get the best results when they leave this type of work to the pros at our shop.

Donk Cars From Fastlane Automotive, Tires, & Performance

A donk car, also called a hi-riser, is a style that lets you put your own personality into an old-school car. While the details are up to you, a donk car typically includes raising the ground clearance and adding large-diameter rims and thin, low-profile tires. Purists would say that a donk car must be from 1971 to 1976, but we can add these hi-riser features to any vehicle you like.

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