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Affordable Automotive Services in Jacksonville, FL

Fastlane Automotive, Tires, & Performance provides high-quality automotive services to the Jacksonville, Florida area. We want to make your busy life a little easier by ensuring you always have a quick and trustworthy place for auto repairs. We perform a wide variety of repairs. The only problems we do not handle are complicated engine and transmission repairs. We can take care of any other situation, whether you just need a routine tune-up or shock and strut repairs. Better yet, we give free estimates for all our work.

Supervisor at a car workshop checking tablet while mechanic works at background on a car

Keeping You Going With Light Mechanical Work

Our shop performs light mechanical work, like replacing damaged belts, spark plugs, and much more. We have some of the most precise diagnostic techniques, which allow us to accurately find issues ahead of time. Unusual activity under your hood is usually a sign that you need some light mechanical work. We often have a quick and simple solution to get you back on the road.

Routine Maintenance That Prevents Breakdowns

Routine maintenance is the most reliable way to prevent major issues with your vehicle. Our team performs multipoint inspections and helps you catch problems before they happen. We thoroughly check everything from the air pressure in your tires to potential fluid leaks. Don’t put off routine maintenance. It’s the quickest and easiest way to prevent breakdowns.

Stopping Your Brakes From Breaking

If you hear any squealing, squeaking, or grinding coming from your brakes, it’s important to get them changed as soon as possible. Even if your brakes seem to work well, you should replace them approximately every 10,000 miles. Brake services are simple, affordable, and safe when you come to our shop.

Ride in Comfort With New Shocks

Shocks ensure that you have a smooth ride, but they do more than just that. Your shocks affect the overall performance of your vehicle. New shocks improve everything from your braking distance to the stability of your vehicle during high-speed turns. You should replace your shocks approximately every 50,000 miles.

Struts for Smooth and Sturdy Steering

Your struts play a big part in keeping your vehicle well-balanced on the road. If your car dips when you make a sudden stop, your struts are probably ready to be replaced. Routinely replacing your struts will allow your tires to wear more evenly. That will increase the lifespan of your tires. More importantly, new struts will make your car drive like it did the day you got it.

Replace Your Tires and Keep Your Family Safe

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 11,000 automotive accidents are caused by inadequate and worn-out tires each year. New tires are one of the quickest and easiest services to get for your vehicle. We have a wide selection of tires that will fit nearly any car, truck, or SUV.

Let Us Find and Fix Your Leaks

If you notice stains in your parking spot, your vehicle may have a leak. In some cases, leaks can lead to more extensive problems. Often, repairing a leak is a quick and straightforward matter. Our team can identify the source of any leak and help you fix it right away.

When You Should Check Your Alternator

Electronic issues in your vehicle are often due to an alternator problem. Suppose your battery dies regularly or your electronic windows are slow. In that case, you may have an alternator that is not working correctly. In the most severe cases, you may notice the smell of burning wires or rubber. We can help you replace your old alternator with a new one that will last for years.

Tires for Every Type of Driver

Selecting the right tire for you requires some expertise. We have a tire for every car and every type of driver. Whether you plan on taking your vehicle on long cross-country trips or driving it through the mud, we have a set of tires for you. We have all-season tires, all-terrain tires, highway tires, performance tires, and many other specialty tires. Whatever type and whatever brand you need, our shop has it.

Fastlane Automotive, Tires, & Performance’s Tune-Ups

Routine tune-ups keep your car running as smoothly and efficiently as ever. A tune-up can include things like replacing filters and cleaning lines that get dirty or clogged. Our team has expert training in performing the most thorough tune-ups.

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